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Our company started its activities in 1999 and since the day it was founded, it has been the dealership of the ornaments brand in the eastern and southeastern Anatolian region.

In 2016, we have  strengthened to our company by adding the ornaments brand that we have been the dealer of.

In 2019, Mıhçıoğlu merged our company title, which continues as marketing, with our brand, and our company title, Süsler Pazarlama Endurance Consumer Products Inc. 

After incorporating the Süsler brand, our company removed it from its identity as a company that only produces stoves and cookers, and started to take place in the kitchens of many people with its product portfolio of "Small Home Appliances".

In 1947

Our story started with the production of stoves.

Your warmth at home,

we became the address of comfort.

The flame that warms your life with the stove,

it never left us

And that flame, the warmth from the past

took its place in life again to carry it to the future …